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The P.1.G’s are the gardeners of Scotland. The model is quite primitive and old as they were designed to be used on farms and allotments tending to the plants and vegetables.


Before the war the P.1.G’s were Scotland’s oldest and most reliable gardening robots. They were used on farms and allotments to tend vegetables and plants.


During the war they appeared to be in their own wee bubble. So focused on their job, their purpose in life, that they didn’t realise what was happening around them! Slowly the humans would leave the highlands and all that remained were the P.1.G’s. Dedicated to caring for their gardens and home.


After the war they were discovered by a group of survivors. The P.1.G’s were repurposed to collect and find plants before the weather changed drastically in each area. When the prime weather cycle would appear the P.1.G’s had to go out and grab the plants. They also manage the communication links between the outposts in order for them to receive GPS and maps.

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