I am a concept artist and illustrator from Scotland. I enjoy world building, visualising and designing intriguing characters and atmospheric environments.

My primary interests involve SCI-FI, space and the expectations of the future. Themes such as A.I, robotics, space travel and science fuel my ideas and have heavy influences within my work.

Published games:

Sofia & Jack: Pets Evolution (2019, Mobile)

OCT 2018 - JAN 2019

Glass Egg

2D Concept Artist Intern

Creating concept art and assisting in the creation of in game assets for a mobile game.

OCT 2017 - FEB 2018

Rant Media
Concept Artist

Designing the look of the character Mutt from Tales from the Afternow. Involved sending thumbnails, character designs and finals for feedback and development. 

AUG - OCT 2016


Worked with architects and business management to create and design murals for the new proposed Bunkhouse. Painted murals over the course of a couple months.


BA (Hons) Illustration at Edinburgh University

About me

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